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Largest Targeted UG, Professional, MBA & Post-MBA Database

Top 30+ UGs | 120+ PE/VC/IB/HF Clubs | 2K+ in Each Class Year | Top 10% Metrics (GPA, SAT) | 55% Diversity

Largest Targeted UG, Professional, MBA & Post-MBA Database

Undergrad & Analyst Level

Top 30+ UGs | 120+ PE/VC/IB/HF Clubs | 2K+ in Each Class Year | Top 10% Metrics (GPA, SAT) | 55% Diversity

Analyst/Associate/ VP Level

Top IB/PE/HF/MC Talent | 75%+ from Top 30+ Firms | 2K+ in Each Level | Top 10% Metrics | 50%+ Diversity

MBA & Post MBA Level

Top 15+ MBAs | Top IB/MC/PE/HF Pre- MBA Roles | 1K+ Each Year | Top 10% Metrics (GMAT) | 55% Diversity

Elevate: Proven Results in Talent & Recruiting vs. LinkedIn & Headhunters:


Higher-Quality Candidates vs. LinkedIn & Headhunters


Largest Database(Biggest Reach-Top Firms & Universities)


Cost Saved vs. Headhunters & LinkedIn


Success Rate (vs. 30% Industry)


Faster Speed than other channels (90% of Searches in <2 months)


Top-Tier Diversity (55%+ Diversity across Platform)

Our Services

Job Board & Targeted Searches

  • #1 PE/IB/VC/HF/MC Pipeline since 2021
  • 3K+ Top-Tier PE/IB/HF/VC Candidates at Each Level
  • Top 10% Metrics (Avg. 3.8 GPA, 1510 SAT, 730 GMAT)
  • 5x More Top-Tier Candidates: 200-500+ per Role
  • 60% Cost Savings vs. Other Channels

Large-Scale Branding & Recruiting Events

  • Largest Reach Across Top 35+ UGs, Top 15+ MBAs & Top Professionals
  • 100+ Zoom Firm Events Since 2021 (Avg. 400+ Top-Tier Attendees)
  • 5x Increased & Elite Employer Branding
  • 70% Time & Cost Savings (vs. On-Campus Events, LinkedIn Advertising)

End-to-End Applicant & Screening Technology

  • Market, Source, Post, Review & Screen Candidates all on one platform
  • Built for PE/IB/VC/HF/GE Industries
  • Save 70% Time on Reviewing & Evaluating Candidates
  • Supported by Headhunter who will manage Process

Best-in-Class Analytics and Data


Total Candidates


Total Universities


Avg. GPA

80 %

GPA above 3.7




Under-Represented Minority


Avg. SAT


Prior Experience

Elevate Benefits vs. Headhunters vs. LinkedIn

Reach & Quality
High # of Apps Highest Quality (Top 10% of Talent)
High # of Apps Inconsistent QualityMedium # of Apps Variable Quality
Speed & Success
90%+ of Roles under 1.5 Months; 85%+ Success Rate
Avg. 4-6 Months; <50% Success Rate of FillingAvg. 4-6 Months;~50% Success Rate of Filling
ModerateVery High
Technology & Insights
Best-in-Class End-to-End ATS, Insights & Marketing Technology
Low - Screening & Insights Tech is MinimalLow
Expertise in IB/PE/VC/HF industries
Incredible Track Record across Size: Large, Middle Market & Small Firms
NoYes, but Variable Success with Firms of Different Sizes

Testimonials: Hear Why Top Firms Choose Elevate

Houston Cowan

Lead, Investment Banking Recruiting

There isn't any other platform like Elevate for top talent, reach & branding - we host our Information Sessions & our Applications on Elevate. Each year, 300+ Top-Tier candidates across all the top universities attend our Virtual Info Sessions, and we receive hundreds of top quality applications. Last year, over half of our analyst class came directly from the Elevate pool

Nicole Clemenza

Director of Human Resources

With help from the Elevate team, we were able to expand our reach and connect with students at colleges and universities where we previously did not have a presence. We identified many high-quality applicants at both the intern and analyst level. The additions to our team that have come from our partnership with Elevate have been exceptional! I especially appreciate the focus on impactful, efficient events that help us build our brand

Sarah Hartzheim

Director of Talent & People

At TCV, Elevate has been a key partner in our year-round candidate engagement, recruitment & diversity efforts. We host 2 events a year on Elevate, with 400+ incredibly talented & diverse students & professionals to discover the TCV platform and meet our professionals!

Jake Kohler

Director Moelis Advance Access Program

Elevate has been a fantastic partner for the Moelis Advance Access Program at the Wharton School.

Kaustuv Sen

Founding Partner

Elevate is the executive search firm of our choice for our talent needs - for MBA & VP / Senior talent. They have a large database, and work with us in every step of the way of the screening & hiring process

Shreya Goel

Recruiting Team

Elevate has been an incredible partner for JP Morgan's Investment Bank, and one of the select few organizations we host Recruiting events & Job Outreach - for our Investment Banking/Corporate Banking, Sales & Trading & other Internship & Full-Time Programs. Our events average 500+ diverse & talented attendees, and are a great place to meet JP Morgan!